Employment Providers

Strive Employment & Training have been working with Job Services Australia (JSA) providers for many years and we continue to forge lasting relationships built on successful partnerships focused on job outcomes. We work closely with JSA's to help job seekers gain paid work through targeted training and employment programs.

Our partnerships

Strive International (Strive) Employment & Training partnerships are built on trust, commitment and focus to help people get a job. A key part of our service delivery is to achieve paid employment for local JSA jobseekers.

We do this by:

  • working together in a shared marketing approach
  • sharing employer contacts and relationships.

We design short courses and provide certificate qualifications tailored to meet the employer and jobseeker needs. Once a course has been chosen, we will work with sites and individual consultants to provide course marketing material for jobseekers.

Our courses

Our courses start through information sessions for jobseekers, providing key information about courses prior to day one; details include:

  • the training plan
  • potential jobs available
  • skills required to gain paid work
  • location and presentation required.

Steps required for successful job outcomes:

  1. Employer research and commitment to program.
  2. Design courses tailored to jobseeker needs.
  3. Information sessions to inform jobseekers.
  4. Training using trainers with industry experience.
  5. Vocational placement.
  6. Reverse marketing to secure positions.

Contact our office to work in partnership in targeting jobs for jobseekers.