If you are like most employers, you probably want to ensure your employees have mastered their current role and know its purpose before you give them autonomy. 

68 per cent of students indicated career advancement as their main motivation for commencing a qualification.

Mercy Community Service (Strive) Employment & Training Student Survey, July 2012.


A solid induction process certainly can take care of the majority of this awareness, however ongoing training both informal and formal is a terrific way to ensure your business continues to prosper.

Your biggest asset

Motivating employees is one of the most important parts of effective team management.  The old adage 'your people are your biggest asset' rings true in every business so ensuring your staff receive targeted and relevant training means their motivation levels will be maximised and your business will reap the benefit.

Fortunately for Australian employers there is government funding available to assist in meeting the cost of developing the skills and ability of your staff.

How we can help

At Strive Employment & Training, we work with you to:

  • improve the motivation and performance of your staff
  • help you select the most relevant courses for your company
  • assist you with navigating off setting fees through government incentives.

We will help identify any skill gaps which may exist in your workplace and assist you in forecasting your future employment needs. As a not-for-profit training organisation, we then look at ways to secure government funding to contribute to your training costs.

In many cases, the majority of your training costs can be covered or offset through government incentives. With so many regular changes to funding at both state and federal level, it is sometimes difficult to navigate your way through the system. We can assist you with this as we work in the funding environment daily.

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